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Animal House Party is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Derek overhears that Alvin and his brothers are alone for the weekend, he plans a wild party at their house.[2]


Alvin helps Dave pack as he makes a case for Dave to let him be in charge considering he crafted a plan. Dave informs The Chipmunks that Miss Miller will be over for the weekend while he's on a trip. Simon works on some homework and his brothers play a video game, during which Miss Miller calls to confirm the weekend she is meant to watch them. Simon begins to worry once she doesn't show up, as the result of Alvin accidentally telling her the wrong weekend as he talked to Theodore during their call. Alvin and Theodore plead to Simon, giving them a chance to prove to Dave they can be responsible; Simon reluctantly agrees and gives them some tasks to do. That night Alvin and Theodore break Simon's sleep rule by sneaking down to play video games. Derek overhears Alvin the following day talking to Kevin and Cheesy about Dave being gone, resulting in a large group of kids breaking into the Seville house that night to party. Alvin and Simon do their best to clean up during the unsolicited party before Dave calls informing Alvin his trip's been cut short. Alvin attempts to end the party, with no luck, so Simon calls Officer Dangus to help. Theodore lies about Dave being sick, and Simon and Alvin add that the partiers are refusing to respect their wishes. Dangus clears out the house, commenting to the boys about the mess they have to clean up. Dave arrives, and as he takes his luggage upstairs, one last party goer exists the basement and the boys quickly push him out the door. Once Dave calls Miss Miller to thank her and Officer Dangus rings the doorbell to check on him, he's certain the boys are hiding something. Although all three of the boys end up getting grounded, Dave is proud of them for doing the right the thing about the chaotic party.




  • The title is most likely a reference to the 1978 movie, Animal House.
  • This episode reveals that Miss Miller likes to make fruitcake.
  • This marks the first episode in the 2015 series where Simon and Theodore get grounded (excluding Alvin since he was grounded multiple times before).
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Lice-enced to Teach.


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