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Amber is a recurring character in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series as one of the students in The Chipmunks' school.


She has red-colored hair, a freckled face and green eyes. She wears a red and grey striped tank top, turquoise jeans and pink shoes with red dots on them.

She is also seen wearing a green swimsuit in The Crow That Ate My Homework.


Amber, along with Annie who normally hangs around with her, is portrayed as one of the school's more popular girls. In some episodes she is seen being mean towards The Chipettes, particularly Brittany, such as when Brittany had a Suck Toad on her face and wasn't allowed to Amber's party.


  • She is on the opposing soccer team in Mutiny.
  • She was the one who started the discussion of who the cutest chipmunk is.
  • She is part of Miss Emma's ballet class.
  • Her name was revealed in "Mojo Missing".