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Alvin in Analysis is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Alvin visits a psychologist he is a fan of to talk about his issues with his family. Apparently they are driving Alvin nuts as they blame everything on him despite being a "kind, giving soul." Alvin gives examples through flashbacks to past episodes.


  • A Chip Off the Old Tooth - Alvin tries to help Theodore with his loose tooth. When it does finally come out, Alvin dresses as the tooth fairy to fly into Theodore's window only to find it closed.
  • New, Improved Simon - While trying to impress Jillian, Simon rips his pants and gets stuck in his macho chain causing him to crash into a book chart which sends him flying across the library.
  • Whatever Happened to Dave Seville? - The Chipmunks reenact Dave's first date when he develops "Zomboidrigidosis" to try and snap him out of it.
  • Ask Alvin - Alvin tries to help his brothers and Dave but his actions lead to disaster in each case: Theodore's batter flings into his face, Dave nearly falls to his death, and Simon's lab explodes.
  • Some Entrancing Evening - The boys take Dave to a magician who removes Dave's nervousness and gives him Alvin's personality turning him into a child.

Dr. Wisenheimer hypnotizes Alvin so he is 100% honest in his answers.

  • Every Chipmunk Tells A Story - After pudding get's into Dave's piano, Simon develops a formula to dissolve the pudding. As Simon and Theodore try to get the piano upstairs, Alvin makes multiple attempts to call Dave instead.
  • Romancing Miss Stone - Dave and Alvin are involved in a water balloon duel to determine who could date Miss Stone in which Alvin loses.
  • Snow Job - Alvin skis the expert run trying to impress Mr. Colorado only to snowball down the mountain.
  • Dave's Dream Cabin - Alvin recreates Dave's cabin to be a part of a television show. During the interview, Alvin's very large spa springs a leak flooding the entire cabin.
  • Big Dreams - Jeanette, Eleanor, and Theodore give their little income to Alvin.

Dr. Wisenheimer decides to wake Alvin up from his hypnosis and ask him to think of a time Dave and his brothers helped him. Alvin initially refuses, but he does think on one example.

  • Alvin, Alvin, Alvin! - When Alvin was having an identity crisis, Dave, Simon, and Theodore acted just like him. Alvin realized it was better for them to act like themselves as there is only one Alvin.


Flashback Characters[]



  • This episode is the second of only two episodes to be comprised primarily of clips from past episodes; the other being Chipmunkmania.
  • Cartoon Network lists this episode as "Alvin and the Analyst".
  • This is the last episode produced by Murakami-Wolf-Swenson.
  • This was the last of six episodes to premiere in syndication as well as the last episode of the syndicated package of episodes.