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Alvin and the Chipmunks in Concert! is an Alvin and the Chipmunks interactive electronic Talk 'n Play cassette book.


The Chipmunks have planned this special concert just for you. As their guest, you get to choose who will sing. Just push a button and listen to Alvin, Simon and Theodore or all three of The Chipmunks sing at once! You also get to play picture games, answer riddles, and lots more!


Dave and The Chipmunks are stuck in traffic on their way to a concert when they could use some help through traffic and around road blocks so they don't arrive late. At the theater, the boys rush to change only for Dave to see them in different costumes seconds before the curtain rises; they each have a different style of music they wish to perform the concert in. Following the intro, various styles of the second song are available to be chosen by the reader. The conductor, frustrated by the number of styles mashed into one song, quits leaving the brothers with only an orchestra. After teaching the reader about instruments in order to conduct the next song, the band itself loudly walks out. Dave criticizes their organization of the concert, but The Chipmunks handle the situation by playing their own music, with the assistance of the reader. During the intermission, two riddles challenge the reader about instruments.

Their guest performers still haven't arrived, news the boys hide from Dave, so they improvise to get through the next song by dressing up in French costumes, with the help of the reader, and faking a French accent. Dave isn't fooled by the deception though Alvin counters by claiming everyone likes rock 'n roll. Suddenly a spaceship crashes into the concert hall and three aliens from Mars emerge. The aliens are given a chance to explain their presence though Alvin has a good idea already. The Chipmunks' real guest performers, The Chipettes, arrive shortly after to discover the power's out because of the crash landing. While Dave checks the generator, Alvin instructs the reader to help the girls navigate through the dark to the stage. The Chipettes start their guest number and the reader is given the option of how it's finished. The Chipmunks thank the audience and finish the concert with "We're the Chipmunks."



Green Button - Theodore's Country Version
Yellow Button - The Chipmunks' "Regular" Version
Red Button - Alvin's Rock 'n Roll Version
Blue Button - Simon's New Wave Version
Green Button - Flute
Yellow Button - Trumpet
Red Button - Tenor saxophone
Blue Button - Tuba
Green Button - Theodore whistles
Yellow Button - Everything together
Red Button - The Chipmunks sing and Alvin plays piano
Blue Button - Simon plays harmonica
Green Button - Alien #1
Yellow Button - Alien #2
Red Button - Alien #3
Blue Button - The Chipmunks
Green Button - The Chipmunks
Yellow Button - The Chipettes
Red Button - Alien #2 and The Chipettes
Blue Button - The Chipmunks, The Chipettes, and Aliens


There are 18 different opportunities to interact with the story or music, some of which can be changed during the song for a different sound or new singers.

  1. Greeting from Dave or one of The Chipmunks
  2. Statement from Dave or one of The Chipmunks about the concert
  3. Puzzle maze for Dave's car through traffic and around road blocks
  4. "Witch Doctor" style: Choose genre
  5. Choose the flute to hear it
  6. Choose the trumpet to hear it
  7. Choose the tenor saxophone to hear it
  8. Choose the tuba to hear it
  9. "Aquarius" style: Conduct the band by choosing instruments
  10. "Blue Moon" style: Choose instrument
  11. Instrument Riddle: What has 88 keys, none of which can open any locks?
  12. Instrument Riddle: What sounds better the more you beat it?
  13. Choose the French costumes
  14. Do you like rock 'n rock?
  15. Would you like to hear more rock 'n roll?
  16. "There's No Rock & Roll on Mars" style: Choose singers
  17. Puzzle maze for The Chipettes through the dark to the stage
  18. "Roses Are Red" style: Choose singers


  • None of the book's plot or songs are written within it.
  • In order for the cassette to be interactive, a Talk 'n Play cassette player must be used; otherwise the dialogue of the interactive parts under the red and blue buttons mix together.
  • The musical arrangements were provided by Howard Pfelfer and Peter Mansfield.


The book was illustrated by Rick Detorie.

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