New Tag Ideas

One of my ideas for another tag is "Verified Original Songs." Original songs are important to the franchise and many don't realize the number of originals out there. This tag wouldn't simply relist those displayed in Original Songs, but would give extra credibility by only being used on song pages that have a copyright application, hence "verified" (not all songs listed as originals have an application and some listed are somewhat sketchy such as those here). My rough idea for the icon is a music symbol with a checkmark.

One of my larger ideas (not sure if we have the capability to do so effectively) is to grade articles based on various criteria such as accuracy, completeness (covering topics like length, missing information/images, etc), and large violations to say the Manual of Style or various Admin blogs that strive for consistency (such as episode plot length). These criteria could be given point values and grades could range from A, B, C, and possibly D (these D articles might be Candidates for deletion and F articles shouldn't be on the wiki at all). Your Admin: DEmersonJMFM (Talk) 17:53, 29 January 2016 (UTC)

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