The following is a Community Project that includes multiple lists of items that are currently being sought after to improve Munkapedia's articles. If you have any of these items in a personal collection and wish to help, please upload a scan/photo of the piece of media/merchandise to the wiki or update the page with the content in need. This list will be updated periodically. Feel free to also review the Community Portal for additional ways to contribute to the wiki.

Last Updated: 23 January 2017


To Be Uploaded

Images needed below are from the merchandise's original release unless otherwise noted.

VHSs - Back Covers

DVDs - Back Covers

Albums - Back Covers

Many albums had multiple medias when releases. Please try to match up the back covers to the front covers that are already on the wiki.

To Be Replaced

Any images of higher quality of those currently on the wiki can be replaced with the "Replace" option in the "Edit" menu on the file page. Those below are at greatest need of being replaced as they do not meet the wiki's standards (images that have "low" or "medium" resolution as stated in their Fair use rationale, sometimes images that have "high" resolution). Preceding the list is a key to help clarify what is wrong with each image.

  • Quality - The image is fuzzy/grainy, the packaging is too apparent, and/or the cover is damaged.
  • Color - The image is too dark, too bright, and/or the wrong color.
  • Angled - The image is taken at an angle that leaves background visible.
  • Cut - The image cuts off a noticeable piece of the cover. Commonly due to taking an angled image.

VHSs - Covers

DVDs - Covers


The following is specific content needed in order to complete some articles.

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