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Types of Videos

  • Properly Licensed - Any video that is released by Bagdasarian Productions (such as their official Youtube channels) or another production or film company. These videos have been released in a way as to not violate the copyright of the owner and can make great additions to the wiki. These are the only type of video allowed to be featured on Munkapedia's main page.
  • Official Music/Lyric Videos - Any video that is the official music video or official lyrics video for the song. These videos can be found on the official Vevo channel, among others. Clips from episodes and films of the songs are not official music videos nor are lyrics from Nickelodeon considered official.
  • Official Music - Any video that consists of just an official song. These can also consist of lyrics or fan collaborations of official images, but generally just the song is preferred for the wiki. However, since the songs themselves are copyrighted, there is always a chance they will be removed at the source. Clips from the episodes are acceptable but are not the recommended option.
  • Repitched Songs - Any video that is not an official song or those official songs that have been manipulated to change the pitch of the song. Though these were allowed to a degree for use on user pages in the past, they are technically fan fiction and are not allowed anywhere on the wiki. Linking to the song on a profile page is the only acceptable alternative.
  • Episodes/Segments - We all want to be able to watch episodes, but doing so outside of an official release violates copyright and the fundamental aspect of a wiki - free content for free distribution with attribution. Unless properly licensed and released, uploading episodes/segments directly onto the wiki is not allowed.
  • Unconfirmed Information - Any video with unconfirmed, incorrect, and/or speculatory information is not allowed on the wiki and will be deleted.
  • Irrelevant Videos - Any videos that do not deal with the franchise should not be uploaded and will be deleted. You're encouraged to link to the video in a blog or on a user page instead of uploading it.
  • Unused Videos - Any videos not used can be subjected to deletion. Please do not upload a video just to upload it. All videos should be used somewhere and have a constructive purpose.
  • Duplicate/Near-Duplicate Videos - Duplicate and near-duplicate videos are not allowed on the wiki and will be deleted. Munkapedia's navigation page can help prevent the uploading of these videos.