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Site Policy received its last major update March 22nd, 2016, effective March 22nd, 2016.
This update dealt with outlining discussion and content moderator positions as well as conditions for Admin nominees. Changes can be reviewed here.

Munkapedia, the Alvin and the Chipmunks Wiki has policies that all users, including sysops, are responsible for reading and following while using the site. There are no exceptions for those who fail to read site policy! Following policy ensures a smooth road to success on the wiki, though violations of policy will result in warnings and further consequences.

Creating Articles

Munkapedia allows canon articles, as they contribute nicely to the wiki, though they need to be correctly formatted.

  • Canon Articles - A canon article consists of material that is considered “official” in a fan base. They need a source (like an episode or film) to support the information contained within them. They need to be on notable topics and can't be quick details, such as "Alvin's Nose." They also must have a relevant category that contains other related articles.
  • Cited Articles - If an article is about a new topic like a new film or contains a controversial claim, cited sources must be included within the article’s reference section.

Unacceptable Editing

Like all wikis, Munkapedia does not allow:

  • Violations of Fandom's Terms of Service
  • Spam - Any edit or post that seeks to advertise an irrelevant product or scam users.
  • Vandalism - such as "HELLLOOOOOOOOO HONEY BUNSSSSSSS!!!!!!!"
  • Unrelated articles - Articles with no relevance to the wiki, such as "Simon Cowell" or "Harry Potter"

Unlike some wikis, Munkapedia does not allow:

  • Profanity - such as “Fuck you!”, “Shit”, or “Whore”
  • Opinions on Non-User Pages - Personal thoughts are not allowed on any main article, talk, or gallery pages. Please keep opinions on user pages, blogs, or discussions only.
  • Fan fiction (Fanon Articles) - Fan fiction, including role-play, is not allowed on Munkapedia, however, these types of articles are allowed on our sister site, Chipmunk Fanon Wiki.

For additional help on how to be a beneficial editor, read the wiki's Manual of Style

Uploading Files

We welcome pictures and videos, but they need to meet the image and video policy guidelines. Please read these pages carefully before uploading any files to the wiki.

Council of Chipmunks

The Council of Chipmunks, a body of Munkapedia's five most senior and active editors, makes all the decisions for the wiki including, but not limited to, approving affiliations, making new policies, granting/removing sysop and crat tools, enabling/disabling wiki features, and adding/removing council members. All decisions are made through discussions on the council talk page and must be archived for community viewing.

Any user who has contributed to the wiki nicely may be voted into the council, which gives them the Rollback tool automatically. New editors are to be told of their opportunities at joining the council and must be directed on the right path by the council members to maintain success.

No non-sysop council member has more power than a new editor; they have just been entrusted to make decisions. Council members are encouraged though to promote beneficial editing from new editors. All users are allowed to voice their opinions. If a council member ever tries to stop another user from voicing their opinions, they will lose their position automatically and without voting.

User Rights

New Users

New users of Munkapedia will be welcomed immediately and accepted warmly.


Rollback is an extra tool that allows one to quickly revert bad edits or vandalism by having a "rollback" link next to the "undo" link in an article's history section. This tool is an additional benefit intertwined with the council member position. If a user abuses this tool, they will lose it and, by vote of the council, could lose their role in the council as well.

Content Moderators

Moderators, usually simply called "Mods," are junior Admin with a few higher level tools that allow them to clean up content on the wiki similarly to an Admin. These positions are meant primarily for transitional training between the Rollback and Admin groups. Given the nature of the positions, users with these tools are expected to work with any current Admins as they learn how to use their tools to benefit the wiki.

A Moderator nominee must currently be an active council member who has been in the council for at least three months. After the council approves the user for a position, the nominee will be able to choose which position they would like unless the council has specific objections or the position is already filled. These roles should only be given (if needed) when there is less than one active user in each position.

When a Moderator goes inactive for more than three months and their tools are being wasted, they will lose their rights automatically. If another council member that can be trusted with the tools at that time is available, they may receive them. If a Moderator abuses their privileges, they will lose them and, by vote of the council, could lose their role in the council as well.


Administrators, usually simply called "Admins," are simply the senior editors of Munkapedia. They have been given special tools, such as the ability to delete pages, that allow them to clean up the wiki a bit more than the average user, making them somewhat the janitors of the wiki.

An Admin nominee must currently be an active Moderator who has, preferably, never been blocked and has actively edited for at least three months after becoming a Moderator.

Admins have no individual power, and they are equivalent to the Council of Chipmunks. However, when the council is at a major disagreement, the Admins do finally become more than just users with extra tools. The council is to be temporarily disbanded and the Admins will decide on the matter on the admin talk page. When the decision has been decided, the Admins will once again be considered as normal users.

When an Admin goes inactive for more than six months and their tools are being wasted, they will lose their rights and position on the council automatically. If another council member that can be trusted with the tools at that time is available, they may receive them. If an Admin abuse their privileges, they will lose them.


Bureaucrats, usually simply called "Crats," have the ability to grant user rights. Though they have the power to control user rights, the Crat does not decide whether to give or remove these rights, the council makes this decision.

The role of a Crat is only given to the most trusted users of the community and should not be given lightly. A bureaucrat nominee must currently be an Admin who has never been blocked and has actively edited for at least three months after becoming an Admin. This role should only be given (if needed) when there are less than two active Crats. 

When a Crat goes inactive for more than six months and their tools are being wasted, the council will vote on whether or not they should retain their rights. If they abuse their privilege, they will lose it.

Blocking Policy

Blocking is when spammers, vandals, and problem users, along with alter ego accounts of these users, lose their ability to edit Munkapedia for a certain amount of time. Admins can block any user without a vote from the council.


Spam (not to be confused with vandalism) consists of any edit or post that seeks to advertise an irrelevant and/or inappropriate product or scam users through unwanted advertising or linking specifically to another website with the purpose of subjecting users to such. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for spam and will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Extensive spamming is to be reported to the VSTF.

Consequences for Spammers

  • First Offense: The user is automatically blocked permanently.

If the user tries to return with a new account and are caught, their "alter-ego" account will be blocked permanently as well.

Vandals & Problem Users

Vandals and problem users are similar in that their editing negatively affects a page, but the intent is different. Vandal is the term for someone who purposefully tampers negatively with pages, such as removing content without valid reason and adding inappropriate (vulgar, gibberish, etc) or irrelevant content. On the other hand, problem users are those users who believe they are editing constructively when in reality they are just being troublesome and annoying. A user can be seen as a problem user if they are, but not limited to, copying-and-pasting pages from Wikipedia or other sites to create new articles, constantly adding false or irrelevant information to articles, or extensively violating the wiki's Manual of Style.

Consequences for Vandals & Problem Users

  • First Offense: A warning is given informing them to stop their behavior.
  • Second Offense: The user is automatically blocked for one week.
  • Third Offense: The block on the user is extended to one month.
  • Fourth Offense: The block on the user is extended to three months.
  • Fifth Offense: The block on the user is extended to six months.

A problem user should be given two warnings instead of one. A block can be longer (or shorter) depending on the damage created. If the user tries to return with a new account and are caught, both they and their "alter-ego" account will be blocked for six months.


Sock-puppets, or "alter-ego" accounts, are user accounts made by the same person who has already created an account that has been blocked as a result of being deemed a spammer, vandal, or problem user. If a sock-puppet admits who they are the minute they are accused of being one, they may not receive an additional block as policy states, or they will be given a second chance and not be blocked at all, depending on the damage they've caused. Suspected sock-puppets will be closely monitored by the Council of Chipmunks while extremely suspicious and obvious sock-puppets may be blocked instantly.


Users with unacceptable user names, such as those with profanity or excessive length, will be blocked indefinitely. If they return as sockpuppets, they will almost always get a second chance.

User and Page Protection Policy

As a result of an update to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, all potential editors and commenters must create an account in order to contribute since all anonymous (IP) editing has been disabled on this wiki. All account users must be 13 or older as specified in Fandom's Terms of Service.

Since this wiki is very liberal, few pages will be protected by Admins. Only important templates, admin talk pages, and policy pages will be fully protected to sysop level permanently. Main character and couple pages are protected against moves to sysop level. Pages with a high amount of vandalism or those that are currently involved in an editing war can be protected, usually temporary. Users with sysop tools should not protect their user pages (or sub-pages) to sysop level, unless they have been hard-hit by vandalism.