Munkapedia, the Alvin and the Chipmunks Wiki is a wiki that strives for excellent in the representation of every generation of chipmunks. In order for us to fulfill both the goal of every wiki project and our mission statement, this list has been established to help make clear what needs to be done by editors and council members.

  • Maintain and expand Munkapedia's community: Every wiki is only as strong as the editors behind it. Recognizing and acting on this fact is essential to reaching our other goals. We strive to preserve a friendly environment and encourage others to invite other fans to join us here.
  • Retain and increase article quality: Munkapedia is a wiki that has high standards for all edits and is constantly looking to better its articles. To do so, our Manual of Style must be used as a guide in all edits, templates must be used correctly, and all edits must be peer reviewed.
  • Source necessary information: A wiki is built by the fans, not the creators. In order to maintain the accuracy of all edits, sources must be added to all claims that can easily be challenged. All new articles must have a source for its information and all existing articles (other than those currently sourced) need sources, either canon (episode, film, song, etc) or reliable external sources.
  • Completely represent the entire franchise: We had a goal to reach at least 1,000 articles (which we reached on October 3, 2015), but our main focus nevertheless is to cover every area pertaining to the chipmunks. Be that episodes, books, merchandise, you name it. If it's chipmunks and official, we want it displayed here.
  • Maintain and improve navigation and organization: These areas of interests are key to finding the vast knowledge on Munkapedia. Categories need to be used correctly, all file names need to be descriptive, and correct internal linking between articles can help reach this goal.

For more specific tasks that can be done to improve the wiki, check out the Community Portal.

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