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Naming Files

All files must be uploaded with a descriptive file name (a name that describes the image itself). Blacklist entries stop most unacceptable file names via an error message during upload, but not all incorrectly named images are blocked. Those files that bypass these rules and/or are not descriptive can be subjected to deletion. The following are some types of naming conventions not allowed on this wiki (most of which are automatically blocked):

  • Uploading files with default names generated by your device.
  • Uploading files with default names generated by social media.
  • Uploading files that are all one word, all caps, all numbers, or random characters.
  • Uploading files with names that have too few characters.
  • Uploading files with key words that aren't allowed in file names.
  • Uploading files with names containing websites or dates.
  • Uploading files with names that don't describe the image.

Types of Images

  • Personal Images - Any pictures of you and/or family members can only be used for your Avatar. If they are uploaded and used anywhere else (including blogs) or not at all, they will be subject to deletion. Linking to a personal pic in a blog is an acceptable alternative. Please remember that this wiki is not Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Irrelevant Images - Any pictures that do not deal with the franchise can be used for your Avatar and on your user page or in a blog only, though you're encouraged to link to the picture in a blog instead of uploading it. Personal advertisement also falls into this category. 
  • Inappropriate Images - Any picture that promotes and/or demonstrates violence, child endangerment, drugs, or illegal behavior is not allowed and will be deleted regardless of where the picture is on the wiki.
  • Official Images -  Any picture that displays the original artwork used in the official production of the series, films, or merchandise. These kinds of images are the only type of image allowed for representing the characters on the main pages (including galleries) and are the preferred type of image anytime the characters are referenced. Official images can include those that have had the background of the image removed, but the character art itself is unchanged.
  • Image Quality - Please do not upload any picture that has poor quality or is very small. Pictures of your television and full, uncropped screen shots of pictures online are highly discouraged. These images don't add much for the viewer and will be deleted. For images of material available in HD, please upload images as .png files as these reflect HD quality better.
  • Unused Images - Any image not used can be subjected to deletion. Please do not upload an image just to upload it. All images should be used somewhere and have a constructive purpose.
  • Duplicate/Near-Duplicate Images - Duplicate and near-duplicate images are not allowed on the wiki and will be deleted. Munkapedia's navigation page can help prevent the uploading of these images.

Fan Art

Any image that is created or modified by a fan falls under our loose definition of "fan art." Since Munkapedia does not allow fan fiction, fan art must be closely reviewed. Images that are considered to be fan fiction will be deleted regardless of where they are on the wiki. Those images that are allowed can only be posted on a user page or blog. Any picture not on one of these types of pages or placed on a main page will be deleted.

What Fan Art falls directly as fan fiction?

  • Recolored Official Images - Any image consisting of official artwork that was modified to have different colors. Examples include, but are not limited to, changing the color of Alvin's hoodie from red to green or giving Simon purple eyes and long yellow hair. These are not art and are unacceptable, period.
  • Unconfirmed Images - Any image that has not been confirmed to be official artwork. Examples include images of "new" characters from an unconfirmed film. This wiki won't be used to spread or endorse rumors.
  • Unofficial Images - Any image representing an event or action that does not take place in one of the series, films, or other official releases. Pictures with content added to them and fan created release posters are also included in this definition. 
  • Modified Official Images - Any official image that has been modified in any other way not listed in the "Modified Official Images" section below.

What Fan Art doesn't specifically fall under fan fiction?

  • ​Hand-Drawn Images - Any hand drawn official character or scene that is recognizable. Not to be offensive but badly drawn artwork is not acceptable and can be deleted.
  • Modified Official Images - Any official image that has had text added to it and/or the light intensity of the background modified. Any color or content changes are not acceptable. Modified Official Images are not encouraged but are allowed to a limited extent. 


Munkapedia currently has about a dozen galleries. In order for them to be effective in presenting the characters they need to be condensed and contain relevant images.

A gallery for an individual character should only contain images:

  • Of that character by themselves
  • In which the character does something to stand out from the other characters in the image (with the exception of Dave) and is not just in the background and/or not the main focus

Those images that don't fulfill these requirements go in other galleries:

Licensing & Copyright Requirements

Protecting and respecting licensing and copyrights of images is important. Please review Special:Upload for detailed information when uploading appropriate images.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.