Council of Chipmunks

The Council of Chipmunks is a group of five users on Munkapedia who have made many constructive edits over an extended period of time and deserve to have a larger role in the wiki's continued growth and development. The council consists of active email-confirmed users, rollback users, and administrators (sysops). All administrators, excluding temporary administrators, automatically become council members, if not already.

What's the purpose of the Council of Chipmunks?

The Council of Chipmunks is the decision-making body for the wiki whose powers include, but not limit to, approving affiliations, making new policies, granting/removing moderator, sysop and bureaucrat tools, enabling/disabling wiki features, and adding/removing council members.

Non-sysop members are given the rollback tool, which is typically associated specifically with the council position, to help keep the wiki clean of spam and vandalism. These council members don't have more power than an ordinary user despite their membership though are encouraged to promote beneficial editing.

How does this body make decisions?

All decisions are made through discussions on the council talk page. A discussion can be started by any member of the council and is open for two weeks after the date a motion is proposed unless all members vote before the end of the two weeks. If a council member does not vote in time, their vote will not count. A proposal needs at least two supporting votes or the majority vote, whichever is larger, in order to go into affect. A proxy can be chosen to replace an absent member's vote in the event of a tie or vote by a single member. All discussions and decisions must be archived for community viewing.

Discussions about major policy and content changes will never originate at the council. Such discussions will always start in a more open fashion such as a blog or forum thread. Input from the community as a whole is strongly encouraged though all final approval for changes will come from the council itself.

How are users added or removed?

Any user who has contributed to the wiki nicely over an extended period of time may be voted into the council. After many constructive edits, a member of council is required to inform the user of their opportunity to become a member. The process of electing new users and removing them is as follows:

  • A council member who is not up for demotion will nominate a user they find worthy of the position.
  • The council will discuss whether or not to accept the user, and if they disagree, they must provide a sensible reason or their objection will be considered null and void. Also, a straight "Yes" or "No (because)" must be given. A "Maybe" or an "I don't care" is not acceptable in these discussions.
  • If the majority of the active council agrees, the user will become a member if they agree to continue to be active, be a role model while editing on the wiki, and vote in council matters.
  • If the user abuses their position and/or is blocked for spam or vandalism, they will lose their position, including the rollback tool, without discussion and permanently.
  • A member can also be demoted if they become inactive (requiring the minimum two votes) or are voted out of the council by majority vote (three or more) for a reasonable reason. A member should never be voted out because of their opinion.

Who are the current and past members?

Current Members

Current members can be identified by this userbox:

Council of Chipmunks This User is A member of the Council of Chipmunks.
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