Munkapedia is continually growing. With this growth comes an increasing need to be consistent in content, formatting, and layout. To achieve these goals, the wiki's Community Projects have been established to help with large editing ventures that will cover many pages on the wiki. This page serves as a list of pages, with a short description, for all active projects on the wiki. Also see the Group Editing Projects forum board.

Broad Projects

  1. Community Portal - The primary location for help on how to contribute to the wiki. This page offers broad information about many small, but important, ways to improve the wiki.
  2. Wish List - The primary location documenting specific information such as images and synopses that is needed to finish key pages.

Specific Projects

  1. Comics - The primary location documenting formatting (naming conventions, infobox, and layout) and new information prior to page creation for all comic pages.
  2. Plush Toys - The primary location documenting formatting (naming conventions and layout) and required information to correct all existing plush toy pages as well as a standard for all future pages.
  3. Songs - (NEWEST PROJECT) The primary location documenting user-generated lists of song pages that need to undergo peer review for compatibility in new proposed categories.
  4. Merchandise - (COMING SOON)
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