Welcome to Munkapedia, the Alvin and the Chipmunks Wiki! The Community Portal is the place for new editors to learn how to contribute and communicate around the wiki. For more general information about the wiki, our wiki mission statement, and a brief history, check out the About page.

New to wikis?

  1. Create a user name and password to fully access the wiki. All editors must be 13 or older.
  2. Personalize your user page so the community can get to know you better.
  3. Review the editing tutorial to become familiar with Fandom's editing systems and the Making Your First Edits blog for additional information.
  4. Interested in coding? Review the templates tutorial and the list of useful templates on the wiki.

New to Munkapedia?

  1. Look over Munkapedia's policies and Manual of Style before editing to avoid accidental conflicts.
  2. Look around, start discussions, and have fun!
  3. For an optimal viewing experience, it's recommended to view the wiki using the Wikia (Oasis) layout on a 1366 x 768px to 1920 x 1080px screen. Regardless, Munkapedia does actively seek to improve viewing on Fandom's mobile skin and for users with varying screen sizes.
  4. If you wish to enable or disable various features on the wiki, you can edit your script preferences.

How to help?

We've all visited a wiki at one time or another wanting to help but just had no idea how we could contribute. After a short and frustrating search for ways to help, many leave disappointed. Fortunately this section will inform you about ways you can help improve Munkapedia so you don't have to leave disappointed.

  • Start Small: Go to random pages using the Random Page link at the top of the page and check for writing errors such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Though this idea seems tedious, doing so helps determine what's on the wiki in order to give a general idea of what can be improved.
  • Navigation: Review the content and photo category trees to find a specific topic easier.
  • Explore Talk Pages: This wiki uses talk pages for each article to help notify future editors of what can be done to improve a page. Review their comments and/or add your own suggestions to improve the article.
  • Add Content to Existing Pages: Try improving the various stub articles by adding content, look over assorted videos that need to be replaced with identical versions, or check out our wish list.
  • Check Out the Special Pages: Special Pages are pages that categorize articles according to specific attributes such as page length or number of followers. These pages can help determine which articles need attention.
  • Balance Information in Articles: Characters that exist in more than one generation only have a single page assigned to them. To accurately present the character, descriptions of the characters must be balanced. Add details from a specific generation to reach a consistency between the generations.
  • Create a Song Page: Since Munkapedia is a wiki about two singing groups, there are always songs that need a page to represent them. Each song page needs a video, lyrics, and where the song can be found.
  • Join a Group Editing Project: Community Projects are a great way to contribute to active wiki projects.
  • Break the Ice: Are you familiar with a part of the franchise that isn't represented on the wiki yet? Go ahead and add a new page.
  • Invite Friends to Join: The lack of a variety of editors is the source of many of our problems. New editors with knowledge of the 60s & 80s Chipmunks are greatly needed and openness to all generations is encouraged.

Want to discuss stuff?

  • If you want to discuss anything specific about editing or content found within an article, you can use the talk pages for that article.
  • For more general discussions you can use the Chipmunks Discord, post on our forum, comment on a fellow editor's message wall, or create a blog. Discussions keep the wiki upbeat so don't be afraid to start one.
  • Need help or want to make a suggestion? Contact an Admin or the forum with your questions. General suggestions can be directed to the suggestions board.

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