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This is a Community Project for the Dell & Harvey Classics comics. All information added to the page needs a source (the comic itself and/or an external source). No individual pages for these comics should be created until information is complete and ensured to be accurate.

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Comic Print Name Comic Name Full Date
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Comic Story Name Scene Illustration
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Comic Print Name Comic Name Issue Number (if applicable) - Comic Story Name
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Comic Print Name Comic Name Issue Number (if applicable)
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List of Comics Released

Main article: List of Alvin and the Chipmunks Comics

Crossed out entries indicate pages that have been created (most of Alvin series has been removed).

Front Cover Art Date Issue # Issue Code Comic Description
Alvin Dell Comic July 1972
July 1972 25[1] 04021 TBA
Alvin Dell Comic October 1972
October 1972 26[1] 04021 After Dave tells them a scary story, Alvin and company think they've encountered ghosts in an abandoned house, but no one believes them. 36 pages.[2]
Alvin Dell Comic July 1973
July 1973 27[1] 04128 TBA
Alvin Dell Comic October 1973
October 1973 28 (Final)[1] 04295 TBA

Issue codes for Dell comics between 1963 & 1970 comprised of a xx-xxx-xxx formatting. The first two numbers were assigned to the time period (12), the second three numbers were assigned to the comic series title (021-Alvin, 119-Clyde Crashcup), and the third three numbers were the year and month of the release date (May 1963 -> 1963-05 -> 305).[3]


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