Munkapedia's bureaucrats, or 'Crats, like Admin execute the policies and keeps the wiki running smoothly. These select users are held to the highest standard of conduct on the wiki. These users are expected to be active on the wiki on a regular basis and are encouraged to leave an advance notice for inactivity longer than a period of two weeks.

These users are also considered council members (unless they are removed due to inactivity). 'Crats have the ability to grant user rights, something the Council of Chipmunks decides, not the individual 'Crat.

List of Bureaucrats

Currently, the 'Crat is DEmersonJMFM.

Bureaucrats can be identified by this UserBox:

Old Munkapedia Logo This User has Bureaucrat Tools.

Main Tools

Bureaucrat tools include:

  • Block an IP address or user name from editing.
  • Promote/demote users to/from RollBack, Content Moderator, and Admin.
  • Promote users to Bureaucrat.
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