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This article is about the toys associated with the 1983 series. For other uses, see Alvin and the Chipmunks (disambiguation).
Christmas dayton hudson alvin

These plush toys were produced by Dayton-Hudson Corporation in 1990 and measured 15 to 17 inches high.


Alvin was released in 3 variations; in his regular clothes, a wider Alvin plush (assumed to be a pillow pet of sorts), and a Christmas version, in which Alvin is wearing a Santa hat instead of his baseball cap. The regular Alvin was sold for $15 at Target in 1991, however the price of "Christmas Alvin" remains unknown as of this time. The wider plush has a pocket on his back, where something could be stored. It's unknown if he came with something there, or if it was empty when in stores.


Simon was released in his regular outfit, as well as blue painted glasses. The odd thing about Simon is that he had a giant "S" on his outfit, like Alvin's, although Simon never had that in the animated cartoons these were based upon. It could be assumed Simon was also sold for $15 at Target, but this has yet to be confirmed. Simon came in a box that was very similar to the one that Christmas Alvin came in.


Theodore was also released in his regular outfit. Theodore, just like Simon, has a big "T" like Alvin's; this also never appeared in the animated show these plushes were based on. Theodore also could have been sold for $15 at Target, but this has yet to be confirmed.