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Alvin and His Musical Friends is a Child Guidance Show 'N Tell Picturesound Program, consisting of a record and filmstrip, featuring the Alvin and the Chipmunks generation of The Chipmunks and Dave Seville.


A Show N' Tell Phono-Viewer is required to enjoy the program as intended.

  1. Plug transformer located in rear into a 120-volt AC household outlet only.
  2. Set record turntable with A side up. Set tone arm on the outside edge of record.
  3. Push the film key with the label facing you all the way down into the FILM KEY slot.
  4. Push the speed SELECT switch down to 33. Power will come on and the show will start.
  5. Adjust volume and focus controls for clear sound and picture.

To Show 'N Tell on a wall or movie screen, face projection window at wall and adjust projection switch from SCREEN to WALL. Consult owner's manual for earlier models.


Alvin and His Musical Friends Film Key HQ

The Chipmunks finish a rehearsal and Dave instructs them to get ready for their concert. Not wanting to perform on such a large stage, the boys add a castle, mountain, and tree props to the stage, though Dave doesn't believe it's a good idea. The brothers figure out who will provide their instrumental accompaniment, using musical characters they know. Everyone has trouble playing together until Alvin gives out sheet music and decides to conduct the orchestra. After which, their performance runs smooth.



  • The record was designed specifically for use with all Show N' Tell Phono-Viewers.
  • The film key frames are displayed bottom to top.