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Alvin Management is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Alvin accuses Dave of yelling at him too much, a therapist moves in to help Dave control his anger.[2]


Dave is in a therapy session when the doctor asks for an explanation of why he's there. He begins by explaining he had a morning meeting at a record company and as he goes to leave he discovers his car on blocks with Alvin swinging with them in a tree. He yells at Alvin and the therapist criticizes Dave for doing so, citing research indicating yelling at children can cause confidence problems. Given his own observations, Dave concludes confidence isn't one of Alvin's problems. The Chipmunks hold an intervention meeting about Dave's yelling though Simon was tricked into believing the meeting was for a computer upgrade while Theodore believed there'd be cake. The therapist is convinced all Dave does is yell; he disagrees but does admit there are many instances that lead him to. Certain Alvin is not the problem, she decides to review Dave's parenting and correct it. Alvin's glad Dr. Sharp is at the Seville House and uses her to get himself out of trouble, creating a negative impression of Dave. When the doctor leaves to write her final report, Dave tries to video Alvin in the act of misbehaving. It takes three attempts to do so, with the final one of Alvin using Simon's new invention to cut the house in half with a laser. Dave presents his video to the therapist only for her to criticize him for setting traps for Alvin to misbehave. The adults leave Alvin alone for a few moments to talk, returning to find the office destroyed. Dr. Sharp yells at Alvin causing the red-clad chipmunk and Dave to run away.




  • The title is a play on the words "Anger Management."
  • Dave's alarm clock, referred to as Alicia, responding to him is likely a reference to Amazon Alexa.


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