Alvin Goes Back to School was a preview of NBC's Saturday morning lineup in 1986, in which Alvin returns to school and convinces officials that he's the new principal and changes the curriculum so that students can have more fun.


Alvin makes school a scream in this laugh-filled preview of NBC's new Saturday Morning lineup.


Alvin takes over a local school from a principal/dictator to try and make things more fun for the kids there, in which he surely succeeds.

Voice Cast


  • Doris Roberts as Doris
  • Marc Price as Himself
  • Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Ben McMasters
  • Jeremy Licht as Himself
  • John Hoyt as Mr. Quickstudy
  • Jackée Harry as Gina Lipman
  • Soleil Moon Frye as Punky Brewster
  • Richard Moll as Mr. Conroy
  • Joey Lawrence



  • This TV special was directed by Arlando Smith, and executive produced by Joseph Maurer, written by Steven Kunes, with music composed by Misha Segal.
  • Goof: Oddly, though she's the voice of Theodore, Janice Karman isn't credited in the special thanks, yet Ross Bagdasarian Jr. is.


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