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Alvin Dell Comic 3 is the third comic issue in the 28 comic Alvin 1962-1973 Dell Comics series and was originally sold for 12 cents.



Alvin in Bubble Up - 1 page
Alvin buys some bubble soap from the store. At home, Alvin shows Dave, but Dave needs to wash the car seats first. Alvin dumps his soap in Dave's bucket of water and the car fills with bubbles when Dave washes the interior.
Alvin - Among the Canned Goods - 8 pages
Dave reads about a Supermarket Grand Opening in the newspaper and The Chipmunks agree to go. Following a brief conversation with a neighbor, Ed, Dave loses Theodore who discovered free food samples. Alvin, wanting to be helpful, assists a lady get a can from a tower only for the tower to accidentally crumble to the ground. Dave spots a crowd of shoppers learning of a special prize for anyone who locates the can with an "x" on its base. Tried from looking, the boys take a nap as Dave leaves the store and it closes. The brothers wake to discover they are alone so they pass the time with bowling, baseball, and food. Dave impatiently urges the store owner to open the market just as the boys race out in shopping carts.
Alvin's Paper Route - 4 pages
Alvin's Paper Route Scene Illustration
Alvin makes the case to Dave to raise his allowance, but Dave believes it's high enough. The red-clad chipmunk tromps off and envisions himself very wealthy. To start, Alvin is given a job at Speedy Newspaper Delivery, who drops off a few stacks of newspapers. The Chipmunks split up and delivery their papers: Theodore breaks a window, Simon reads the paper, and Alvin's aim lands papers everywhere besides the front door. They reunite to find they have extra papers so they sell them though a line of angry neighbors forms at the Seville House leading Dave to raise Alvin's allowance to save money.
Alvin - A Day at the Zoo... - 8 pages
A Day At The Zoo... Scene Illustration
The boys don't feel like singing, but Dave agrees to take them to the zoo if they finish the song. The group sees the monkeys, elephants, and reindeer before experiencing a frightening encounter with a lion. When Dave meets an old friend, the brothers agree to give them space only for The Chipmunks to split up. Alvin finds himself in the lion's den making a brief friendship with the large cat. Dave scowls him before doing the same to Theodore for rudely stealing the monkeys' bananas. A crowd forms pointing to Alvin, who stole some balloons to drift through the sky. Dave pursues promising to catch him, but the shortest chipmunk is saved by one of the elephants. Dave orders the troublemakers to stay put as a couple zoo workers cage the boys in order to keep a better eye on them.
Alvin - The Motor Scooter - 4 pages
The Motor Scooter Scene Illustration
The Sevilles are caught in a traffic jam when a scooter zooms by, leading Alvin to conclude Dave should get one for himself. Dave's not convinced the two-wheeled vehicle is right for him though the salesman gives him a full day to test it out. Following a little initial trouble, Dave manages to get the scooter started, unfortunately he is unable to control it, causing him to crash into a tree. Despite Dave telling the boys to leave it be, Alvin decides to try out the bike anyway. Dave returns with the delivery men to find Alvin himself riding around the house with no idea how to stop.
Alvin - E-Fishin'-Cy - 8 pages
E-Fishin'-Cy Scene Illustration
Dave wakes The Chipmunks to go deep sea fishing. Underway, Dave offers Theodore a cheese and jelly sandwich just as he starts feeling seasick. Alvin hooks something large, as another fisherman does too, and Dave and the boys pull until the other man goes overboard, whom Alvin entangled his line with. Alvin finds himself sleepy, hooking a fish large enough to take him into the sea. Underwater, the fish tries to eat him, but his slingshot rescues him. A mermaid offers shelter in an oyster and advises him not to take an oyster's pearl, which he attempts to give as a gift. Trying to get away from his enemy, he wakes after unintentionally wailing on another fisherman on the dock.
Alvin - "Chicken For Dinner" - 1 page
After Dave goes to a business meeting, The Chipmunks set out to the market to get a chicken. The chicken looks at him sympathetically so Alvin decides to take the bird home alive. Much to Dave's surprise, the chicken is a dinner guest instead of the main course.



  • The cover art was reused for Alvin Dell Comic 22.
  • Bubble Up and Chicken For Dinner were published in black and white.
  • Bubble Up and Chicken For Dinner were once featured on The Chipmunks' official website.

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