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Alvin & His Pals In Merry Christmas with Clyde Crashcup and Leonardo is the first of three comic special issues independent of the 28 comic Alvin 1962-1973 Dell Comics series and was originally sold for 25 cents.



Clyde Crashcup Invents Snow - 6 pages
Disappointed the winter streets are bare and bleak, Clyde invents snow and the blizzard. He takes a nap as he waits for the snow to accumulate and when he wakes he discovers the snowbank is six feet deep. Facing the feeling of being trapped, Clyde invents the "sport" of snowshoveling by creating the snowshovel. He tries to get a kid to clear them a path, but he's busy throwing snowballs so Clyde decides to invent toys and games, based on Leonardo's advice, to lure the kid to him. In doing so, he attracts more than a dozen kids that plow a path through the snow.
Alvin - First Christmas - 9 pages
First Christmas Scene Illustration
Dave and The Chipmunks are working together to decorate their Christmas tree. Once finished, they marvel at their skill and how much they've learned since they were kids. Dave recalls he went out and bought a Christmas tree only for the boys to discover it mysteriously "growing" in the living room. Desperate not to ruin their first Christmas, Alvin chops it up. Soon after, the mailman drops off some decorations, which the three brothers believe are toys. Dave wakens from the noise and is upset to see the ruins. Alvin explains it was an honest mistake and they work together to decorate a new tree. Dave ushers the boys to bed before dressing as Santa. The Chipmunks hear strange noises and, believing Dave is a burglar, attack him with bats, resulting in Dave thinking they are burglars! Back in the present, Dave and the Chipmunks laugh over the hilarious mistake, and then Dave accidentally falls off the ladder attempting to apply tinsel to the Christmas tree, taking the tree down with him. Alvin remarks that Christmas Eve must be the most dangerous night of the year for Dave.
Crashcup's Narrow Escape or You Sleigh Me Deer - 5 pages
Crashcup's Narrow Escape or You Sleigh Me Deer Scene Illustration
Once the kids are home for lunch, Clyde and his assistant are fearful of a potentially packed lab so they decide the toys must go but not just by throwing them away. Clyde envisions an old, fat man that will act like the garbage man, collecting unwanted stuff. Leonardo breaks to him that Santa Claus already exists and he gives stuff away, to Clyde's frustration. Still wishing to get rid of his toys, he invents the one horse open sleigh, packs it, and they begin their journey to the North Pole.
A Present For Dave - 5 pages
A Present For Dave Scene Illustration
The Chipmunks ponder what to get Dave as a present leading them to ask a salesman in a Men's Store. He offers the idea of a hat and slippers, but the brothers must determine Dave's current measurements. Meanwhile, Dave is experiencing a bad dream in which he's been accused of stealing horses and sentenced to hanging. The boys scram just before Dave wakes with the measuring tape around his neck. Alvin's certain he got the measurement though the salesman believes he's mistaken so they set out to get his feet sized by having him step in cement. When he does, he becomes stuck so Alvin states they should get him a necktie instead as they chisel out his feet.
Crashcup and the Eskimo Mistletoe - 6 pages
Crashcup and the Eskimo Mistletoe Scene Illustration
While Clyde and Leonardo are flying, they are spotted by the Baby-Faced, Bank Bandits, a couple criminals that want to snatch Santa Claus to make money off of him by selling the toys he makes. They pursue the sleigh via their helicopter and, once they catch up, order Clyde to the ground at gunpoint. Once they land next to a settlement of Eskimo ladies, Egbert and Looie try to convince Clyde he's Santa Claus and will make toys for them. Desperate to get out of their predicament, Clyde invents mistletoe for the ladies who all begin kissing their captors.
Alvin - Snow Money - 4 pages
Snow Money Scene Illustration
Dave lets the boys go out in the snow to shovel sidewalks for present money, but The Chipmunks find themselves shoveling snow just to get to a job. They ask a neighbor for the job only for the man to refuse to pay considering they cleared the walkway before they asked so they recover it to fix their mistake. The snow builds up too high to shovel leading Alvin to construct a block long snow tunnel to a bus stop at which the boys charge the neighbors access for easy passage home.
Clyde Crashcup in It's What's Straight Up That Counts - 3 pages
It's What's Straight Up That Counts Scene Illustration
While the Eskimos keep their former captors busy, they rush to the sleigh just as the "horse" flies off, frightened by an approaching polar bear. Following its lead, Clyde and Leonardo flee and seek to make refuge behind a snowdrift only to land on a sleeping walrus instead. Now with two large animals in pursuit, the inventor quickly constructs the balloon and they fill it with the toys before lifting up to safety.
Alvin - A Christmas Dream - 9 pages
A Christmas Dream Scene Illustration
Dave finishes a Christmas story and the boys drift to sleep. In their dreams, Santa arrives and is greeted at the chimney. Following Alvin surprising the golly man with a snack in the kitchen, the brothers plead for Santa to let them help him with his deliveries. On the roof, Santa and The Chipmunks take off in the sleigh assisting with presents as they bounce across the world before setting down at the North Pole. Eddie, Santa's chief elf, shows them the computer that keeps track of all the boys and girls, learning of their behavior status. Santa gives them each an elf hat as a souvenir and drops them back home for Christmas. Dave wakes the boys, sees their new hats, and convinces himself he's dreaming.
Clyde Crashcup in Polar Problems - 6 pages
Polar Problems Scene Illustration
As the pair travels northward, the air gets cold enough to snap the balloon ropes. Thinking their end is near, Clyde says his farewell to Leonardo only for them to land in a chimney belonging to Santa Claus. After they clean the soot off themselves, they go back outside to collect all the scattered toys. Since Santa's still checking his list, Clyde kills time by inventing the snowman but the snowman is actually an abominable snowman who steals the pile of toys.
Clyde Crashcup in "Holly's Well That Ends Well" - 5 pages
Holly's Well That Ends Well Scene Illustration
With the sleigh packed, the three squeeze on and take off. Clyde complements Santa on how fast the herd of reindeer fly, only for the sleigh to stop suddenly when the lead reindeer, Dasher, sits down forcing the others to stop. Once Clyde learns the hard way that they are still in the air, he invents the super long fishpole. Dasher eats the sugar bait so Clyde invents the holly wreath which he hangs from Dasher's tail preventing him from ever sitting on the job comfortably again.
Clyde Crashcup in A Stilted Performance - 4 pages
A Stilted Performance Scene Illustration
After Clyde thanks Santa for the lift home, the two carry the Christmas tree, Clyde's newest invention, inside. Before they head to bed in anticipation of Santa's return, the inventor concludes he should invent one more thing: the Christmas stocking. Clyde begins taking measurements but is interrupted by Leonardo who believes he's going to be short-changed because Clyde's measuring their legs. While Clyde regrets his assistance's short legs, Leonardo empties the closet until he find a pair of stilts to lengthen his stocking.
Alvin - Winter Sports - 8 pages
Winter Sports Scene Illustration
The Chipmunks persuade Dave to play in the snow with them. At the top of a hill Dave pushes the boys on their sleigh, and when they return, Dave takes the pilot's position as Alvin pushes off. The sleigh goes airborne and the brothers are thrown from their ride as Dave continues on crashing into people before coming to a stop in a Meats shop. Later, the Sevilles head off to the supermarket to collect food for their Christmas dinner, which they cook together. They sit down to eat when they hear the poor Potter family singing carols out the window. The boys suddenly don't find themselves so hungry, and given how much food they prepared for the four of them, they all agree to have the whole Potter family over for Christmas dinner.


Janey's Doll - 1 page
Janey's Doll Illustration
Janey has a doll named Sue that she takes everywhere. A few days before Christmas, while playing with friends, she slipped on the slightly melted snow causing her to bump her head on an oak tree. When she woke up in the hospital, she realized Sue was nowhere to be found. After her parents arrived she remembered what happened and began crying harder because the heavy falling snow surely covered her, but her father vowed to do everything he could to find the beloved doll. Back home, Janey's parents looked in the backyard and, unable to locate the doll, promised their daughter another though no other could satisfy the loss of Janey's dear friend. In the morning Janey awoke to see her oldest friend in the chair next to her for her father spent half the night digging through the snow to uncover Sue.
Bernie's Bones - 1 page
Bernie's Bones Illustration
Bernie was a dog with an appearance making him look unhappy, though he only had the occasional kindness of a person offering a bone or place to sleep for he was a lonely dog with no owner. He also had the problem of forgetting where he buried his bones. On Christmas morning, Bernie woke to the surprise of a couple calling his name; they invited the gray dog in to receive a bath in the kitchen sink. Old Bernie was so surprised when they next offered him a plastic bag in which was full with all types of bones. Seeing as the Johnson's children were old enough for a dog, they decided to give him a real home, one in which he never has to remember where his bones are hidden!
The Christmas Bell - 1 page
The Christmas Bell Illustration
Four-year-old Johnny walked to a church where he hears some activity above his head so he climbs a staircase up to a man polishing the bell. They briefly talk and the man offers to let the young boy ring the bell Christmas morning. A couple days later Johnny races to the bell, but unable to pull the rope himself, the man lifts him up. For months he is saddened every time he passed the bell because he was too short. One day he found himself tall enough to reach the top of his bureau so he runs to the bell where his fingertips just touch the rope. Determined to ring it himself, he jumps up, swinging back and forth. Even though he rang the bell on the wrong day, the man understands Johnny's celebration so he makes the young man his assistant.


Decorate a Tree - 1 page
Decorate A Tree Activity Page
Dave explains a game to decorate a cardboard Christmas tree involving two players, eight red Christmas balls, eight yellow Christmas balls, and a bag. Each player takes turns reaching into the bag attempting to pull their color cardboard balls in order to finish decorating before the other.
Theodore Says - 1 page
Theodore states he isn't good at making things though informs the reader of an easy way to decorate the Christmas tree. Multiple sheets of various colored paper are cut into strips and glued together to form a long Christmas chain.
The North Pole - 1 page
The North Pole Activity Page
Santa provides a special map documenting his headquarters at the north pole, including locations such as the Elves Workshop and the buildings of the files of both the good and bad boys and girls, in case one gets the chance to visit.
The Chipmunk Song - 1 page
The Chipmunks sing "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" while passing away the final moments before Santa arrives and everyone is encouraged to sing along with the included words and music.
Santa's Sleigh Ride - 1 page
Santa's Sleigh Ride Activity Page
Santa Claus is on his way delivering presents across the United States and Alvin wanted the reader to study the pictures and letters provided to guess six of the cities Santa stops at every year.
Simon's Brain Teaser - 1 page
Simon introduces his game, which he's certain will rattle the brain. The names of all of Santa's reindeer are listed, with five extra names, and they must be matched up with the reindeer they belong to (the order in which they fly). As a bonus question, he also includes the crazy reindeer with a red nose.
Make a Gollywog - 1 page
Make A Gollywog Activity Page
Clyde announces he has invented the Gollywog, a little doll that he claims will make an excellent Christmas gift. The doll is made up of many pieces of colored knitting wool that are tied together at various diagrammed points to create a figure can then be personalized with a custom face.
Clyde Crashcup's Treasure Hunt - 1 page
Clyde announces yet another invention: the treasure hunt! Clyde and Leonardo request help searching for their Christmas presents by guiding them through a line maze to the hiding place.



  • The cover art was reused for the shortened re-release of this special in 1966.
  • This is the only Alvin and the Chipmunks Dell Comic to be part of the Dell Giant Comic series.
  • This is the longest Dell Comic released featuring the franchise's characters.
  • This comic contains an advertisement for a Fly-Over Chicane, an accessory for a toy race car track set.
  • This comic contains an advertisement for 10 king-size latex toys of Disney characters for $1.25.

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