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Alvin's Wild Weekend is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


After Alvin begs Dave to spend a weekend alone with him, Dave gets sucked into a series of adventures.[1]


Alvin's upset Dave spends more time with his brothers than him so he confronts Dave. They make a deal requiring Alvin to do all his chores for a month before Dave'll agree to spend an entire weekend with the red clad chipmunk. After Alvin makes it through the month to the shock of Dave, Simon helps him pack as Miss Miller arrives to watch them. The duo kicks off the weekend skydiving. Despite Dave being terrified, they undertake swimming with sharks, wind tunnel surfing, dirt bike jumping, skiing, cave rappelling, and cliff jumping. Following their crazy adventures, they stop at a carnival where Alvin attempts to coach Dave on his dart throwing. Irritated, Dave hits the final balloon in order to win the prize (an Alvin plush). They're exhausted from their day and fall asleep in the car only for it to be towed to a junk yard. Alvin awakes to discover their situation and overhears who he believes are two men talking about "getting rid" of the "two idiots." Thinking they're in danger, Alvin frantically wakes Dave and they floor it. A police cruiser chases them, but Alvin informs Dave that's the car sent to get rid of them. They later crash and receive police mugshots. The police give them a warning, and on the way home Dave devastates Alvin by claiming it was his worst weekend ever. Dave sees the fun Alvin had in the selfies before confessing he was wrong.




  • A sneak-peek music clip was released on
  • The clip of Alvin and Dave jumping out of the plane is included in the second series opening theme, first seen at the start of season three.
    • The same clip is included in the third series opening theme, first seen at the start of season five.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of Ride Along.

Selfie Gallery[]

Throughout the trip Alvin took selfies with Dave documenting their crazy adventures.



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