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Alvin's Summer Job is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Alvin is desperate to buy a Trans-Go-Go Bot, but neither his brothers nor Dave will lend him any cash. After getting $40 from Simon by using Theodore, he decides to have a garage sale in which he sells his brothers' stuff instead of his own. Angered by Alvin's selfishness, Dave forces him to go and buy back what he sold at the expense of losing all the money he has. Wanting $700 fast, Alvin starts job hunting. At the Employment Office he is thrown out when he makes crazy salary and vacation demands considering his education and work experience. Other places throw him out for similar lack of qualifications. Once a zookeeper proclaims he needs some help, Alvin volunteers and is hired on the spot.

Alvin's new job is very labor intensive and he hides the fact he works at the zoo from Dave and his brothers. On his second day, he discovers, with the help on a monkey, there are many maintenance issues that need to be fixed. After learning of the zoo's financial difficulties, Alvin recommends to Mr. Handley that he can cut his budget by being more careful about utilities (applying what Dave told him about the house). Seeing as they need money for the repairs, Alvin hosts a car wash and circus, which brings in some money, but nowhere near enough to cover the cost of the forthcoming repairs. After hearing "We're The Chipmunks" on the radio, the animals start making sounds in rhythm. Alvin gets an idea from this and hosts a concert where the zoo animals perform. The zoo makes enough money for the repairs, but there is another issue at stake, the panda just gave birth and Mr. Handley lacks a big enough cage to accommodate her and her cubs. Sadly, he sends the cubs to a zoo in the big city, just as Alvin hands over his paycheck. Mr. Handley is unsure of this, saying that Alvin worked hard for it, but Alvin considers the zoo's well-being above his. The next day, Alvin walks by the toy store and sees the Trans-Go-Go Bot has been sold, and Alvin sighs to himself that it was probably for the best. When he comes home, he sees that Dave has bought the Trans-Go-Go Bot for Alvin in order to thank him for his unselfishness.




  • This episode is also known as "Going For Broke."
  • This is the first episode with the new opening sequence of The Chipmunks exiting the Mercedes.
  • The Trans-Go-Go Bot toy is a combined spoof of Transformers and the GoBots.
  • Goof: The baby pandas are already covered with black and white fur and are able to see, whereas real pandas are born hairless and blind.
  • Part of the Alvin and the Chipmunks: School's Out for Summer VHS.


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