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Alvin's Secret Powers is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


In order to get Theodore to do his bidding, Alvin tells Theodore that he has secret powers and can turn trash into candy. When Derek steals Theodore's candy, Theodore tells Derek that Alvin will get him back using his secret powers. Now Alvin has to come clean or face Derek in a showdown.[3]


Simon is performing some magic tricks for Theodore when Alvin hits Simon's floating glass of water with a baseball ruining Simon's notes. He goes to get him more paper in Dave's desk only to help himself to some chocolate in the process. Back in the living room, Theo's cleaning Alvin's mess before Alvin interrupts to convince his younger brother that he has "real" power by turning a piece of trash into candy. Theodore agrees to keep his brother's powers a secret, but persuades him to use them to generate a snack for lunch and for assistant when he plays soccer. While Simon's frustrated they are keeping a secret from him, Theodore's confidence in Alvin's powers grows leading him to arrange a meet with Derek to force him to say he's sorry for being a bully since he's been been stealing Theodore's candy. Alvin, not wanting to ruin Theodore's confidence for the big soccer game, realizes he's in too deep so he finally informs Simon of his scheme with Theodore, but Simon wants no part of it. Alvin confronts Derek and has no luck getting him to apologize until Simon secretly arrives to help by causing objects to rise around them. After the soccer game, Theodore is forced to explain the mess in the cafeteria to Miss Smith, but she doesn't believe his story of Alvin's magical powers.





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