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Alvin's Lost Voice is an Alvin and the Chipmunks book.


There is no official synopsis for this book.


Dave's just finished writing a new song at his piano and calls The Chipmunks over to practice it. Alvin's missing from the group, busy hiding in the closet. Dave orders him out and the chipmunk exits wearing a large red hat and coat as he pretends to be the laundry man. After yelling his name, Alvin removes the disguise but still not wanting to work, claims he can't talk because of his tonsils. Alvin's left believing he's fooled Dave though Dave makes a phone call. Dave and the boys sit together until the doorbell rings and Dave introduces Alvin to Doctor Shaw. Dave hopes to have Alvin learn his lesson by having the doctor examine him. Alvin refuses to open his mouth before Dave does; unfortunately, when Dave does do so the doctor is shocked by the condition of their guardian's tonsils. Doctor Shaw drags Dave to the hospital as Alvin waves from the front door.



  • The book's front and back covers are washable.


The book was illustrated by Bob Kurtz.

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