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Alvin's Got A Brand New Bag is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin accidentally ruins Brittany's favorite bag and must come up with a way to replace it.[1]


Brittany is excited about the new purse she won in a contest and proudly shows it off to her sisters and The Chipmunks. After she briefly allows Eleanor a chance to admire the bag, Alvin takes it from her, swinging it until the strap breaks causing it to fly into Eleanor's frosting, ruining it. Alvin promises to replace the bag and recruits his brothers to help by collecting all of their money. They only have $5 of the $200 needed for the bag so Alvin crudely makes one from a pair of jeans and glitter. It falls apart, leading Alvin to try to steal one of Brittany's existing bags to give her. They are caught, and after Alvin comments again that "it's just a bag," Brittany uses their zipline to ride into the Seville House so she, with Eleanor's help, could grab one of Alvin's prized shoes to hold hostage. Driven by Alvin's nightmare the night before and the desire to get back his shoe, he marches to Marina's new store to make an argument for a new bag. Once there, Theodore spills the details on the bag's demise so Marina refuses to give Alvin the last one unless he models her new line of merchandise, which isn't what he expected. Brittany is surprised Alvin gave her a new bag, so she returns his shoe. Eleanor wonders how he managed to get the bag shortly before Jeanette spots an image of his modeling in the newspaper enjoying the moment with his brothers.



  • "I Try" [citation needed]


  • The episode name may be a take on the song "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag".
  • This is the second appearance of Marina Rodenchia.
  • A sneak-peek was released on
  • This episode and I Will Survive were the last episodes with over two million viewers in the US.
  • Part of the Summer of Sport DVD.


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