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"Alvin's All Star Chipmunk Band" is an original instrumental song, composed by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr., first released as a single (with "Old Mac Donald Cha Cha Cha") in 1963. The instrumental is also included in the album The Chipmunks 20 All Time Golden Greats.


Alvin's All-Star Chipmunk Band Single Cover

Alvin, what are ya doin' with a room full of chipmunks?

That's my All Star Chipmunk Band, Dave.

All Star Chipmunk Band?
They don't even have any instruments!

They don't need any instruments! I'll show ya.
Let 'em hear the drum, Theodore!
Let 'em hear that bass, Simon!
Okay, everybody. All together now. Let's go!

(A capella begins)

The Chipmunks:
This is Alvin's All Star Chipmunk Band!

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