Alvie's Angels is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


The Chipettes are depressed about their boring lives. After being knocked out by a thief in the mall, the girls dream that they are a crime fighting team called Alvie's Angels on a mission to hunt down Chaz Fleming, a notorious jewel thief. With Jeanette at the forefront as a TV reporter in Switzerland, they discover that Chaz hide the diamond in the mountains and seeks two additional gems for his three-eyed tiger. While he is on a safari, Eleanor tries to beat Chaz to the ruby but fails and must get past some tigers. After they escape the tigers, Alvie informs them of the last opportunity to catch Chaz. The Angels head to Italy where Brittany pretends to be a European princess at a gala ball. Just as the Angels foil Chaz's getaway, they wake up.

When the girls come to, the jewelry store owner thanks The Chipettes for thwarting the robbery, as it was shown they accidentally activated the alarm system that closed the mall door that the thief ran into. To show his thanks, the jeweler gives each The Chipettes a jewel that looks exactly like the three seen in their dream.





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