All Worked Up is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks are worried about disappointing Dave with their report cards, and hand them over fearing the worst. Before Dave can read the report cards, a toothache is giving him trouble, so he schedules an appointment with the dentist. The dentist, who has himself been looking at his son's progress, says that his son shows potential in music. Dave, himself a musician, compliments the dentist that maybe his son has a future in a symphony orchestra, to which the dentist says his son ought to go into the family business. Dave tries to make a point to his friend that people need to find their own calling, saying over the phone he wouldn't care if Alvin was a Gymnastic Pizza Twirler, Simon a Pogo Stick Tester, and Theodore an iguana trainer if the careers made them happy. The Chipmunks, who were eavesdropping, think Dave is angry with their grades and thinking those jobs are all their are now qualified for, so they set to work training for those absurd careers when Dave is away getting his tooth fixed, which makes a mess around the house. When Dave returns from his dental appointment and demands to know what is going on, he clarifies the conversation with the dentist and says that he wants the Chipmunks to put their best foot forward. Now that his dental woes have abated, Dave decides to take a look at the report cards, but the Chipmunks walk out of the house in shame.




  • Released on VHS in the U.K.
  • This episode shows Theodore is good with animals, such as Iguinas.
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