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Albrittina is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When Alvin catches Simon taking a personality test to discover his soul-mate, he decides to do the same and prove just how silly the test really is. But when the test reveals that his own soul-mate is...Brittany, Alvin decides to do something dramatic and becomes a bow tie wearing preppy![3]


Brittany is helping Simon take a well-accepted personality test to discover his soul-mate when Alvin decides to do the same just to prove how ridiculous the test really is. After the results match Alvin and Brittany to each other (down to the first letter of their name), they both freak out and run away. Alvin's desperate for no one to find out but the whole school knows and their pairing is spreading quickly over the web. Pondering their future, Alvin has a vision in which he is controlled by Brittany. Brittany has a similar vision in which she is controlled by Alvin. The next morning, Alvin decides to act like a well-mannered, English boy with higher level vocabulary while Brittany takes a bad-girl, Gothic punk approach, both hoping that their drastic change in personalities will break their "curse." Alvin becomes the teacher's pet while Brittany finds herself constantly in trouble and being sent to Principal Meadows's office. Once their brothers and sisters can no longer stand their siblings' new selves, they plot to make them miss themselves. In order to accomplish this goal, they hold a garage sale to sell Alvin and Brittany's old stuff. Seeing their possessions being purchased, they both quickly revert to their old personalities before agreeing to be the masters of their own destinies instead. Alvin nervously reveals he traded Dave's new tennis racket to get his bike back.




  • Simon mentions the scientific name of the American sycamore as Platanus occidentalis.
  • Miss Miller is seen in her garden watering the grass.
  • The Chipettes' treehouse is located in Miss Miller's garden, which is next door to the Seville House.
  • Goof: In Alvin's daydream, when Brittany jumps on the couch, her ponytail phases through one of the pillows.
  • The clip of Gothic punk Brittany standing at the classroom door is included in the second series opening theme, first seen at the start of season three.
  • Alvin holding Brittany over the balcony in one of the pictures in Brittany's daydream is a direct reference to the 1997 film Titanic.
  • This episode, along with its sister episode Simon For President was the first to be aired in Australia before the UK despite the UK premiering the series nearly a month earlier than Australia.
  • Part of the Alvin Vs. Brittany and Back to School DVDs.