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Adam Bagdasarian

Adam Serak Bagdasarian (March 25th, 1954) is the third child of Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. and Armenuhi Kulhanjian as well as the brother of Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. and Carol Bagdasarian.

Adam is the Bagdasarian responsible for inspiring the hit singles "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" and "Alvin's Harmonica," as well as the famous "Alvin!" yell. The character of Alvin was also patterned by Adam.[1]




From 2000-2002, Adam had written and published two books, Forgotten Fire and First French Kiss: An Other Traumas, the latter of which goes into depth about what his father was like and his death.

Before becoming an author himself, he'd read William Saroyan's My Name is Aram when he was just fourteen-years-old. In his own words, he claims that from the first page of the story, "the book was a revelation. The simplicity of the language, the warmth and humor of the narrator's voice dissolved the usual wall between writer and reader and made me feel a part of the stories I was reading."

Before then, many of the books he had to read in school had a soul-deadening formality of the language that was downright exhausting, and he, in his own words, "knew that there were human beings with human feelings and frailties and conflicts in there somewhere, but I had to hack my way through so much dry language that I hardly cared once I got there. My Name Is Aram, on the other hand, seemed to welcome me right away."

Additionally, My Name Is Aram had helped Adam "discover the kind of writer that I wanted to be—someone who, regardless of the subject matter, made his readers feel as though they had found a good companion."[2]

When he was a little older, his favourite books included The Sun Also Rises, Catcher In The Rye, and The Great Gatsby.[3]


  • Adam's middle name is the name of Ross Bagdasarian Sr.'s brother.
  • Adam currently resides in New York City.[4]
  • He was a contributor to magazines, including the Yankee and Antioch Review.[2]


  • "The problem with loneliness is that, unlike other forms of human sufferings, it teaches nothing, leads us nowhere; and generally, devalues us in our own eyes and the eyes of others. It lies upon the soul lightly or heavily, depending on one’s age and one’s luck, and quickly transforms the heartiest of souls into a living ash of spiritual doubt and despair. It is impervious to medicine, common sense, wisdom, humor, hope, or pride. It simply comes, sits in the corner of the heart where it cannot be overlooked, and abides."
  • "There is nothing these hands can hold worth having. They cannot hold the moonlight, or the melody of a song, or even the beauty of a woman. They can touch her face, but not her beauty. Only the heart can hold such things."
  • "Who you are and what you believe in is your real home, the only home no one can take from you, the only home that will last."



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