A Special Kind of Champion is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Alvin is goofing off on his track team because he knows he can't be the best so he refuses to even try. To give Alvin something he could be the best at, his coach gives him the opportunity to train an athlete. Alvin initially dismisses Louie, who has a brace on his leg, as not having a chance of becoming a champion. After a little persuasion, Alvin starts training the joyful, energetic kid with basketball, weight lifting, and track. At Louie's house Alvin tells him that he has the shortest legs in class but Louie informs him that that he shouldn't think about what he can't do, only about what he can do. Back on the track, Louie and Alvin begin to couch each other. At the Special Olympics, Louie only receives a bronze metal in the 300m race. Back on Alvin's own team, Alvin finishes in second place. Even though neither won, they couldn't be happier and go out to celebrate.




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