A Rash of Babies is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks' bikes are old and break down, and Dave says that the Chipmunks must put up half the money for a set of new bikes. While they struggle to get the money, Dave orders the Chipmunks to look after a baby named Eric, who is the son of a record producer Dave is having lunch with. Alvin proposes parlaying that into a babysitting service. Simon calculates that they can only handle a maximum of six babies at one time but the Chipmunks fail to withdraw their advertising until they find themselves with a dozen babies, and Alvin remarks that number is perfect for their goal. They do their best to take care of them: Simon reads them Molecular Chemistry, Theodore makes lunch, and Alvin performs with his guitar. When Alvin accidentally gives Eric away to a woman, the boys try to grab him back by disguising themselves as house painters. Only then do they learn that the woman who took Eric is the wife of the producer. Later, the Chipmunks give the profits from their babysitting business to Dave, who remarks "This should be enough." As Alvin excitedly remarks about the new bicycles, Dave reminds the Chipmunks that the money will be used to repair the damage they did to the producer's house with their paint.




  • The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen are mentioned.
  • A clip from the episode later appears in the episode Chipmunkmania.
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