A Day in the Life is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Simon makes a video of his family for his class project. Unfortunately for his brothers and Dave he video taped their ugly moments, and they're in fear of humiliation when Simon's video will be airing on TV, as Dave is due for an award, Theodore about to get voted in a culinary competition, and Alvin trying to impress a girl so she can take him to the school dance. To stop this, Dave, Alvin and Theodore break into the TV station in the middle of the night to get the tape. They fail to find Simon's tape and they got busted! However, the police are surprisingly sympathetic to Dave's dilemma and they drive him and the boys home instead of pressing charges. When Dave, Alvin and Theodore arrive home, they are surprised to see Simon up, who wearily explains that he staying up to wait for his video to debut at 3:00 AM, where nobody will see it. Alvin, Theodore and Dave were really relieved from the fear of public humiliation.




  • The episode title is probably a reference to the popular song of the same name sung by The Beatles.


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