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This article is about the 1985 book release. For other uses, see A Chipmunk Christmas (disambiguation).

A Chipmunk Christmas is an Alvin and the Chipmunks book based on the special A Chipmunk Christmas.


Alvin's generous spirit makes a sick child's Christmas very happy.


Two days before Christmas Alvin works on his long Christmas list before waking his brothers to go shopping. The Chipmunks wake Dave to learn that he can't go as he's expecting an important phone call. The brothers jump on Alvin's skateboard and fly down the sidewalk to town as they sing "Chipmunk Jingle Bells." They reach the bustling store and wander into the music department where they find a Golden Echo Harmonica display. Soon after, a little girl and her mother begin talking about how her sick brother would love to have one, but it's too expensive for them. When it's time for the boys to head back home, Alvin rushes off to find Angela, the little girl. About to give up hope, Alvin spots them on a bus and follows them to their apartment. He enters to meet her brother Tommy, his biggest fan, who Alvin claims won a contest in which he gives away his own harmonica. Alvin returns to their home full of joy and assists decorating the tree, planning on buying a new harmonica after Christmas to replace the one Dave gave him. His plan is shattered when Dave informs him of a big harmonica solo at Carnegie Hall on Christmas Eve. Needing money fast, Alvin dresses as Santa so his brothers can take pictures of kids with him and his sleigh of dogs dressed as reindeer. Dave learns of the scheme, and once a cat breaks up their photo shoot, he expresses his anger at Alvin for wanting to buy a present for himself. That night Alvin tosses in bed dreaming of the spirit of Christmas where he meets Clyde Crashcup inventing Santi Claus (Abe Lincoln). The next afternoon Alvin disappears, and Dave receives a call from Tommy's mother, finally learning the truth. Meanwhile, Alvin stands in the store staring at the new harmonica he can't buy. Suddenly an elderly woman gives Alvin a present claiming she's had an eye on him, aware he knows what the Christmas spirit is about. Inside is a Golden Echo Harmonica! He plays "Silent Night" for the woman and crowd before he sees Dave, who apologies and praises Alvin. Dave and the boys hop into a horse-drawn cab to Carnegie Hall, where they sing carols with the audience and Alvin performs his solo. Seeing Tommy in the audience, Alvin invites him on-stage and Tommy plays as the brothers sing "Deck the Halls." Much later that night at the North Pole, Santa reveals he couldn't find Alvin's present, but Mrs. Claus assures him Alvin got everything he wanted.




The book was illustrated by Neil and Corne Cole, with color by Cindy Lee.

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