A Chip Off the Old Tooth is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


When Theodore doesn't feel like eating, Dave, Alvin, and Simon become worried about him. Once they discover he's trying to pull his tooth out because he's afraid of seeing the dentist, they attempt to help him. Dave finds out and makes plans to take Theodore to the dentist. With some convincing Theodore decides to see the dentist and leave his tooth under his pillow afterwards. Alvin slipped the tooth into the laundry so Theodore doesn't get disappointed that there's no Tooth Fairy, but Simon tells Alvin to get the tooth back. They try to get Theodore to fall asleep, but Dave wakes him up to say good night. After Theodore sets up Dave's camera, Alvin dresses up as the Tooth Fairy and tries to "fly" in the window but it's closed. They were going to tell him the truth, but a quarter was mysteriously under Theodore's pillow with a picture of sparkling dust, possibly making the Tooth Fairy real.




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