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ALVINNN!!! Board Buster is a HTML5 game for all devices (eg; mobiles, laptops, etc). It was released on August 24, 2015 on Nick Jr UK and features Alvin's new design from the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series.


A side scrolling, endless skating game featuring a cool trick list and an advanced slow motion system giving players a wide variety of high flying, airborne gaming goodness.


The goal of the game is to skateboard down four lanes, two on the road and two on the sidewalk, the furthest without hitting fixed objects such as trash bags, construction cones, fire hydrants, teddy bears, trash cans, and pools of slim or water. While traveling, Alvin can earn points by doing tricks off wooden ramps, collecting floating hats, golden 'A' symbols, and band objects such as microphones, guitars, and drums.


Alvin moves between lanes by using the up and down directional arrows and jumps with the space bar. All objects can be jumped over with the exception of trash cans and fire hydrants. In order to perform tricks by using the ramps, the space bar must be used three times: just as Alvin reaches the ramp, at the midpoint of the ramp, and just as Alvin leaves the ramp. If the timing isn't correct, Alvin will just clear the ramp, but if done correctly, Alvin will stay in the air for a number of meters as he performs his trick and earns additional points. Hitting a fixed object will lose one of Alvin's three lives. After all lives have been used, the round is over.

System Requirements[]

Compatible with desktops, laptops and any mobile devices. Requires HTML5 to play.

Playable Characters[]

Alvin is the only playable character.


  • The game was initially scheduled to be released in July 2015 but was delayed.

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