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"Uncle" Harry is a main antagonist in the 1983 Alvin and the Chipmunks TV series.

In his first appearance, Harry convinces The Chipmunks that he is their long lost Uncle from their mother's side, despite not biologically related to them, even though he's a chipmunk like them.

Harry then persuades them to work with him to raise enough money so that they can visit their mother, including performing dangerous, life-threatening stunts against their own free will. In actuality, Harry needs to use the money to pay a debt he owes to a carnival strongman.

Eventually, the Chipmunks got wise to Harry's scheme, and try to influence him while he was sleeping, scaring him into unconsciousness in the process. The Chipmunks then takes the strongbox containing all of the money. After waking up screaming in terror, Harry was told by the Chipmunks that they had send the money to Nome, Alaska, causing Harry to hurry in great haste to get there.

In all honesty, Simon, Theodore, and Alvin had the strongbox containing the money that they've earned to get even with Harry.

When last seen, Harry was knocking at the doors of various igloos in the middle of a blizzard.

Harry uses similar schemes in future episodes to try and get The Chipmunks and The Chipettes to work for him so that he can steal their earnings; however, he never succeeds in actually stealing from either group in any of these episodes.


Harry is a burly and scruffy adult chipmunk with dark shifty eyes, messy hair, and 5 o'clock shadow.

Usually, he is dressed in an elegant but soiled red-and-yellow striped suit, a slightly-crumpled straw-boater hat, a pair of ragged finger-less gloves, and a scarf.

He always tries to trick The Chipmunks and The Chipettes by pretending to be someone else, usually in a promoter's role.

For example, in the episode Santa Harry, he dresses as Santa Claus and asks The Chipmunks to help him set up Santa's Place.


Harry is mean, underhanded, vile, and experienced at being two-faced: acting nicely while trying to defraud people and steal their money. Uncle Harry is adept at being a con-artist and a scammer.